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Many people know about Jesus, or have some idea of who He was. But so many have not authentically experienced His life-changing Grace and Truth. That's why every decision we make at Revive is focused on the mission to introduce real people to the real Jesus.

Our vision for Revive began in 2019, when God presented direction through our Pastor that we are called to be the Church of 2030.

As we continue to build upon this mission and vision, here is what it looks like:

Real Jesus

It's all about
the real Jesus.

We believe that the Church is made up of more than people who show up to a building. The Church is made up of people who have chosen to follow Jesus with their lives.

Real life-change and a commitment to Jesus is what we believe comes from a real relationship with God.

While we embrace the hard questions, and may not always have the answer on some things, we will always point people back to Jesus.


It's about a legacy.

Our vision is not about the short-term, or what will happen in our lifetime. It's about the next generation. We take our mission very seriously to introduce kids and students to the real Jesus, because they are dealing with real life just as much as adults. They have real questions and events in their life that have opportunities to point them to Jesus.

We also believe that the discipleship of our kids and students is important because one day they will be taking leadership of the church, so we will give and invest into them because they are the legacy of Revive Church.

It's both

It's not either/or...
It's both.

One major aspect of our vision to be the Church of 2030 includes Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations. We believe God has called us to do this in a synergistic fashion implementing both online and in-person ministry opportunities.

We don't believe one is better than the other, or that one should be given higher praises than the other. God has provided us the gift of technology to fulfill the mission of Revive both online and in-person.

We are diligently working to create mirror images of ministry in both worlds that enable us to connect and build relationships with people around the world.


It's about being
a Spirit-led church.

One face-to-face encounter with the Holy Spirit can change everything. We embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but are never attempting to manufacture a moment. We desire authentic encounters with God the Holy Spirit.

Within the operations of Revive, we believe in being Spirit-led, and systems-driven. It's not either/or... it's both. We pray for the Holy Spirit to lead and influence how we operate and build His Church for the future.

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