Revive Church


Pastor Stephan and Susanna Kilgore

Founder and Lead Pastor

Pastor Stephan Kilgore is the founder and Lead Pastor of Revive Church in Arlington, TX. His experience has offered him the opportunity to minister to kids, students, and adults of all ages, and he brings his passion for people with him to every weekend experience. Pastor Stephan and Susanna live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with their daughter, Isabella.

Katie Rockwell

Director of Operations

Katie oversees the operations of the ministry of Revive Church. Her abilities were built into her through nearly two decades of faithfully serving the local church.

Paul Rice

Finance Director

Paul oversees the finances of Revive Church. He is also passionate about studying the Bible and uses his gift of teaching to edify others in the church.

Martin Calugay

Worship Director

Martin leads our Worship Team, including worship leaders, musicians, and vocalists. He and his wife Yumi have been faithfully serving Revive since year one.

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