My Will or God’s Will?

Make Room

Stephan Kilgore

January 14, 2024

At Revive Church, our mission for 2024 is crystal clear: “Make Room!” We believe God is calling us to make room for the impactful mission of introducing real people to the real Jesus. To truly follow in His footsteps, we must embrace the spiritual disciplines outlined in the Bible, allowing our lives to be a testament to the transformative power of God. This year, our focus begins with a deep dive into prayer, recognizing it as a vital aspect of our spiritual journey. By understanding the various facets of prayer, we aim to not only enrich our own connection with God but also influence others positively on their journey to salvation. Let’s explore the profound concept of prayer, known as Tefillah in Hebrew, emphasizing that it is a verbal communion with the Almighty. Taking cues from Jesus’ powerful prayers, we learn the significance of fervent cries and tears in alignment with God’s will. Jesus, the ultimate teacher, exemplifies a model of prayer that extends beyond mere requests; it involves honoring God, submitting to His will, and then presenting our requests. The Lord’s Prayer serves as a guide, showcasing the ideal posture of the heart when we approach God in prayer – starting with honor, followed by submission, and concluding with our requests. Delving deeper, we understand the importance of shedding our old selves, characterized by rebellious desires, and putting on the new self aligned with God’s will. Prayer becomes a powerful tool in this transformation, emphasizing that submission is not just an action but an attitude. As we strive to rid ourselves of the old self and embrace the new, the key lies in echoing Jesus’ prayer: “Not my will, but Your will be done.” In our quest for a disciplined prayer life, we invite you to join our 21 Days of Prayer initiative. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook Stories to witness our prayers and discover scriptures to guide your own. Let’s make 2024 a year of disciplined prayer, aligning our will with God’s and experiencing the immeasurable more that He has in store for us. It’s time to elevate our prayers and invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Be Blessed!