The Voice

Grow Again

Devondre Adams

September 25, 2022

As children of the one true living God, we are all called to live in God’s will each and every day. Some callings are easy: hold the door for that stranger, or buy your friend lunch. But other callings are monumental. Sell your home and become a missionary, or quit your steady job in order to work for your local church. Those paralyzing callings seem insane to worldly eyes, and the only way we can fulfill something so impossible, is to lean on the One who makes all things possible. In order to abide in the calling of God on our lives, no matter how big or small, we’ve got to listen to the cry of the Lord in the wilderness. Take time to dwell in Him and identify the sound of his positive and confirming voice over you. Dwell in the house of the Lord and allow Him to move on your heart this week.  Be blessed!

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