Grace to be Cut

O Praise the Name

Stephan Kilgore

November 19, 2023

Welcome to Revive! In this powerful sermon, we learn of the name El Shaddai—the all-sufficient one, the provider of all our needs. We begin with a reflection of Genesis, where God establishes His first covenant with Abram. The covenant, symbolized by cutting, signifies a profound commitment that requires sacrifice. Unlike modern, fickle promises, a covenant is a matter of life and death. Find out more about God's pruning work in our lives. Abiding in Him is the key, as without Him, we can do nothing. Deviating from the covenant leads to entitlement, but the new covenant enables us to cut away distractions from God's better plan. El Shaddai, the one who answers to those in covenant with Him, doesn't yield to the entitled. When God initiates a cut, it's because He has something better in store. The call to be cut comes with the assurance of abundant grace on the other side. God desires all of you, demanding the removal of sin, unrighteousness, and fear. While the process may be painful, the grace available is more than sufficient. We need to cut our spiritual umbilical cords and the things that let us stay stuck in our comfort, nourished by the wrong sources and unable to grow. Experience the profound truth that God's cutting is not punitive but redemptive, ushering in a better plan and a life filled with grace. Embrace the journey of being cut by El Shaddai, the all-sufficient one who holds all that you need. Be Blessed!

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