What Does God Want From Me?

O Praise the Name

Stephan Kilgore

September 17, 2023

Why do I feel so distant? Why won’t God work in my life? Why is it so hard to do the right things? Our God isn’t a God who requires blind submission or for us to sacrifice out of spite. He seeks only our hearts, and he desires for us to call Him Lord. In this learning series, O, Praise The Name, Pastor Stephan Kilgore teaches of the names of God, why they matter, and how to call on a God who desires to be pursued. This week, Pastor Stephan speaks of Adonai, the Lord of our lives. Adonai desires us to set aside our own plans and turn our attention to the better things He has for us. He’s not a manager, or an observer, but an active Lord who disciplines out of His love.

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